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what the fuck Clyde? i’m really unsure about your look at the game last night.

is the jacket like a Vegas lounge lizard reference?

maybe a Johnny Rotten throwback look?

spinning and winning with the weird stuff right there.

crunch, no judgements.

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sad day… the game will not be the same….

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Happy Birthday OTB !

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Hey ! That’s Nadia !

for some funny ass shit…


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if i used Twitter..

i would update you with this…

Saturday afternoon.

Home watching the Knicks-Nets game.

Fell asleep on the couch.

Developing Gallinari’s game is not as exciting to me as watching Iverson play for the Knicks.

What the fuck Donnie !?!

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my birthday’s coming up and, if you feel like it,

this is what i would like you to get me for a birthday present. thanks.


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Game Time

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